Pomegranate tree stop flowering

I’m in SoCal, 10a zone. My pomegranate tree does gets plenty of sunlight. Age of tree is at least 5 years. Few years back, it yielded some fruits. For the last two years, the tree does not bloom any flowers, just green leaf. Anything I should look out for or do?


Are you caring for it in the same way? Are you pruning it every year? Was the weather any different the last 2 years?

I have been pruning the tree every year. Living is Southern California, weather is pretty much the same every year…hot to mild temperature. Tree has leaves and new branches but not one flower to bloom.


How much water does it get? I had my drip irrigation emitter get knocked out of a potted pom’s pot by one of the dogs and I didn’t notice for a bit. The soil became very dry, the leaves started to turn brown and drop. After I restored the line, the tree put out more leaves and then a bunch of flowers.

Are you fertilizing? Some of our soil in SoCal can be very poor, so fertilizing can be important.

Tree gets plenty water. I used Kellog’s Organic Fruit Tree fertilizer. Maybe should switch to a different type of fertilizer.

When the weather is at it’s hottest/driest wet the entire bush well at least every other day, not just the ground. Make sure to add compost or some other type of fertilizer every year. Mulch over the roots helps a lot as well.

I use Holly-tone fertilizer for mine, it’s made by a company named Espoma.

Most likely, you pruned out all fruiting wood. It’s a common problem with pomegranates that are in the care of a landscaping company — they cut out the fruiting wood to make the tree look nice.

Well, the tree was growing taller so I pruned it down…but if I might pruned out all the fruiting wood, wouldn’t new ones grow out each year?

How much did you prune it down? Did you prune more heavily one year verses the other years?

Pruned the tree to about half the size, then let the tree grows back up as it was before.

I think that you shocked the pomegranate bush, pruning too much at once can delay flowering for years.

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hhmmm…a possibility…well, guess I’ll wait and see…changing fertilizer try to delay the pruning. Don’t want the tree to grow crazy and get the neighbor mad at me for the crazy tree.

Thanks for the recommendations

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I would second the notion of heavy handed pruning, especially every year! I never fertilize and I have hard clay in zone 9b and water every two weeks with a long, all day drip. We never missed a year of fruit yet!

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