Pomegranate varieties for North Florida?

i planted several pomegranate varieties in the ground last year - parfianka, sirenevyi, babylonian white, angel red, and vietnamese. seems like the vietnamese which is an evergreen variety is not a good option (probably better for south Florida) since temps in the 20s can destroy most of what is above ground (though it is supposedly hardy to 15F) and i had recently pruned it and can see suckers growing but no buds are emerging from the main trunks. all my other pomegranates are waking up and leafing out, angel red woke up first and has leafed out the most and is mostly green now. wondering about who is growing pomegranates in the rainy Gulf states (or similar climates) and what varieties are fruiting for you?

My experience with Al Sirin Nar in Northern FL in the second year now: very hardy when dormant, but does not like frost after it leaves out. Last years frost in late March killed it to the roots, 1/2 inch diameter shoots died. It just came out again on last year’s growth, so probably fine through this winter as long as we don’t get another late frost. Would be interested to learn if there are varieties that are more resistant to late frosts

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yes, a late freeze is definitely something i worry about after seeing what happened to the Vietnamese pomegranate this winter. as for your variety, i thought Russian pomegranates would be hardier.