Pomegranate Variety Selection

I have decided to try growing a pomegranate. I’m going to order it from Trees of Antiquity. I’m not in a prime pomegranate-growing area, but I have narrowed down the selection to 3 varieties that according to their website will supposedly do well here. The varieties are “Sweet,” “Eversweet,” and “Parfianka.”

I just have a small suburban yard, so any fruit I grow here has to do double-duty in the garden as an ornamental. The criteria that are important to me are taste, size of the shrub (smaller is better), and how ornamental the shrub is.

Can anyone who is familiar with any of these varieties provide some input?

Thank you!

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I would replace the Sweet or Eversweet with Desertnyi, it is a superb and earlier than Parfianka variety.

Thank you for the recommendation. Can you elaborate on some other characteristics of Desertnyi like size of the plant and what the flowers look like?

I don’t observe much, if any, difference between aforementioned varieties in terms of the plant size and flowers.

In terms of flavor, Vkusnyi, Desertnyi, and Parfianka are among the best.

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Check out Rolling River Nursery’s selection if you haven’t already.

Wow, Rolling River has quite a selection!

I ended up ordering both Eversweet and Parfianka. Parfianka for the fruit quality and because it is like the pomegranates I am used to from the grocery store, and Eversweet to try something new. Also for the non-staining juice and the fact that it is supposed to be adapted well to coastal areas. Somehow I will find room for both of them.

Thank you for all the suggestions and guidance!

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Thinking of adding some pomegranate to my garden.
How is Planting justice, is this a good vendor?

I ordered a couple of blueberry plants from Planting Justice a few years ago. They substituted varieties without asking me, plus the plants they sent me looked like something they pulled off the trash heap. One of them had a tag in the pot showing the date it had last been repotted–3 years earlier! Looked like it had had no fertilizer and hardly any water since then. Maybe they are better now, but I’m not going to risk ordering from them again.


Thank you for your comment. I’m going to order from Bay Laurel nursery then.

Fruitwood is good if they have something in stock. Same folks who started Rolling River initially.

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I second the fruitwood nursery if you don’t mind getting plugs Pomegranate-Rooted Cutting Plugs

or getting cuttings Pomegranate Cutting Wood

They have a great selection, high quality plants/high quality cuttings, and great customer service. Although ‘Bay Laurel nursery’ is a great option as well.


Thank You @alanmercieca and @disc4tw, they are out of stock. I will order some from Bay Laurel today, I will call them, I couldn’t purchase any last night somehow.

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It’s possible Bay Laurel may be having some tech problems right now. They are only about 20 miles from me, and we just had a big storm roll through here resulting in lots of power and internet outages.

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It wasn’t out, it could be Google, but I refused to safe my credit card there, so it’s best that I call either today or Monday.

I just ordered Red Silk, Parfianka, and Wonderful. I need to plant some trees in container and around the perimeter of my yard to stop very aggressive plants from the neighbors.
I don’t really eat pomegranate fruit that much, but they are drought tolerant and they have pretty flowers, a 2-fer.