Pomegranates in zone 7

Did cutting the flower calyx off after fruit set fix the issue? I remember you posting about that some time ago, but not if it worked.

Hi. It did ‘sometimes’. Others - nope.
I guess it depended on what stage the fungus was in, when I did the calyx cutting. ? This year I am going to ignore the poms. I’m focusing on the rest of my trees - whose results are much more satisfying. It’s a shame - my family really likes the pomegranates.

Thanks, will give Granada a try. Not sure if I will have fungal issues here or not. Summers here are hotter than the surface of the sun and not much rain might help prevent it. Also pretty low humidity in the summer in this part of TX. The only kicker is those few days of 7-10F or whatever we have each winter, without that, we would be a paradise for pomegranates . They do grow them in southern Texas when their cold snaps are not so dramatic, but it is a big state and different environment up here in DFW. Anyway got some in pots that I will protect from the cold, some in the ground that will be protected as much as I can, then some sort of pretty front yard tree which I hope will be Granada. Thanks.

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My main Afganski bush had a huge bloom, biggest so far. But most flowers were male

Last year I had two dozen fruit, so maybe this year will be lighter because of that?

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This is in New Jersey, I randomly found a pomegranate growing near a sidewalk. My poms are all against walls or structures.

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