POMONA, NNGA Nutshell/NNGA annual report collection up for grabs

I retired Feb 1 and brought almost all of my books/periodicals home with me. However, we’re trying to ‘downsize’, so I’m looking to divest myself of some of my fruit and nutgrowing materials… but thought they might be of interest to some in this group. If anyone wants them, I’ll be more than happy to send them to you if you’ll cover the shipping/postal costs.

Here’s what I’m offering up…

I have a mostly complete set of POMONA, the official quarterly printed publication of North American Fruit EXplorers (NAFEX), from 1997 through 2011/1012, when they started printing only the Fall issue, with others published online.
Approximate shipping wt = 13#

Also have the bound copies of the Northern Nut Growers Assn. Annual Reports, from the 87th(1996) through the 96th(2005).
Approx. wt = 6 #

Also have a mostly complete set of the NNGA Nutshell, the official quarterly publication of the NNGA, from 1997-2015; from 2006 on, the Nutshell featured the articles which previously would have been compiled in the paperback-bound Annual Report… with color photos!
Approximate wt. = 16 #

If you - or anyone you might know - would be interested in these ‘reference materials’… contact me via email [Lucky123Pitt(at)gmail(dot)com].
Would be glad to ship some or all… would prefer to keep all the different publications together with their own ilk… POMONA as a set, Nutshell as a set, etc.

Lucky Pittman

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I would take them except that I have all of the NNGA and Nutshell books from about 1950. If you are willing to send them to a friend in south Alabama, I will gladly pay you the postage. Sending an email.