Popcorn Mulberries

Anyone have popcorn disease in their mulberries? Not sure if has been around in previous years, but this year I had noticed one of the deformed fruits in a tree earlier this summer, but the rest of the fruit in the tree has been normal. But then this past week I saw a different tree in the middle of some woods, and about every fruit looked like in my pic, probably thousands of fruit. Not sure if there was some good fruit earlier on that tree this year, as some trees are done for the season.

If you have that disease regularly, do you still get fruit most years?

I’ve heard rumors from the folks at Edible Landscaping that it can get bad in Virginia.

My Illinois Everbearing and native red mulberries lose most of their fruit to this every year. I do not know what to do about it. The white mulberries that come up every where have been free of this disease, but most of the fruits are small and bland.

Early crop on Illinois Everbearing was hit hard here this year… later crop, pretty clean.
Have never seen it on any M.rubra… and everything I’ve ever seen written on it indicates that M.alba and M.alba-hybrids are most susceptible.

The pic I had posted is a white mulberry. There are hundreds of trees around here, but this is the first one I had noticed infested. It is just a naturalized tree that the birds probably planted. I have some of the cultivars like IE, but it is a small tree right now and out in the open, so maybe less likely to get this fungal problem anyways. I bought some Red mulberries from the missouri state nursery, but think they don’t know what they are selling, as they appear to be just white mulberries.

I am just hoping this isn’t the beginning and gets really bad over the years, don’t want to have situation like NativBill. What type of climate you have NativBill? The SWD hits the mulberries pretty good as it is, if not one problem, is another.

I;m in Illinois, just a little north of St. Louis, MO. Summer is hot and very humid. Had several
good berries recently on my IL Everbearing.

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I’m seeing a lot of this this year. It was raining almost every day until a week or so ago, so that’s probably the culprit.

There were still a few trees that came out fine. Maybe they’re disease resistant, maybe just lucky.

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Just yesterday, I checked on the tree in the op pic, looks to have the same problem happening.

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