Portable greenhouse


I am looking for a new portable 6X8X7H greenhouse to set up in spring on my deck for a month or so. I used to buy a cheapest ones, with integrated shelves, and after cover deteriorated in 2-3 years used the frame as constructor set for indoor projects. The problem with this type of GH is their shelves. They are not high enough for large plants, but can’t be disassembled because they are part of frame stability. So I have to remove the shelf net, let the plants grow higher then next shelf level and get trapped there. So multilevel shelves are basically not used and taking plants out of there is a nightmare. So I want to buy a different kind, the one that has stable frame and no shelves. If I want shelves, I can build them using materials I already have. I was surprised, that no shelves GH are 1.5-2 times more expensive to buy. And reviews are not very convincing, especially after Olpea’s post(https://growingfruit.org/t/fake-restaurant/19983). Does anybody have any recommendation?


There are these in various prices and sizes:

Another option is build the frame yourself and purchase greenhouse covering:

This vendor’s prices are about average – you might find the same products elsewhere for less total price (incl. shipping).




i have a 10’ by 20’ i bought off amazon for $250. it doesn’t have shelves but easy to make your own. mines in its 3rd year and still holding up well but i take the cover off in nov. and put it back on in may.


Do you know the brand?


Confused about this. Why not on in Nov and off in May?


too much work to keep the snow from crushing it and with our cold, its impossible to keep it heated. i use it mostly to extend the growing season a few more months and grow stuff like peppers that grow better with more heat.


i don’t recall the brand.


I had a pop up type of greenhouse that I used for two years. A little bigger 10x10x8, I bought from local hardware store Menard for $30ish. I don’t think they carry this type of product all the time, I think they more likely just bought off others clearance wholesale and were trying to get rid the goods. But it doesn’t hurt to check local stores.


my father had 2 greenhouses he made from cedar 2’x4’s. bought the special uv resistant plastic for them . he even heated them with a trailer furnace. would start growing in there in march. would be eating stuff from there by mid april. they stood for 20 yrs.


If it would be permanent, I would definitely put this project on my DH list. But I do not need it in the garden, our summer is hot enough and long enough. I only need it in April/May on the deck for my starters before they go in the garden, and it has to be portable, I have to pack it for the rest of the year and keep it in the closet.


look on amazon. they have all kinds. my frame is anchored and stays in place all year. the cover attaches w/ velcro loops.


Yes, we already ordered one. Just not sure how good it is :grinning:.https://www.aosom.com/item/outsunny-8-x-6-x-7-heavy-duty-walk-in-greenhouse~845-124.html. It is a luxury to have 2 doors and four windows, I usually cut a window myself, as cover only has one door in cheaper ones. People saying bolts a junk, but this is something we can fix for sure, and cover leaks on seams, this I guess I can fix as well with sealant spray or plain piece of clear plastic on top. You have to be creative, this is a part of the fun :wink:. I just wish my fun would not be that expensive :grin:.


yeah mine drips in 1 spot when it rains hard. i have the same doors and windows as yours but mine is dome shaped. make sure your frame is level or you wont be able to zip your doors all the way.


Found this video:

Not really “portable” but it seems like something you can make modular so that it can be taken apart and be put together in about 30 minutes.