possible to grow fruits and weed together?

I’m at present only fourteen days into flower. Was contemplating whether I can toss in any natural products. 12/12 cycle with x2 1000W HPS. Was thinking tomatoes or strawberries. That would be great.

Well, if you can get the tomatoes to be genetically modified to when they contain THC…you’ll really get rich!

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Talk about a peppery tomato! A popular one here is Garlic, Mushroom and Onion

Yeah you can grow most plants with 12 hours of light


Hot peppers would be a good suggestion. If kept in warm enough conditions hot peppers can live up to 20 years.

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Both of those have the same PH so you could with a big enough pot. The issue is tomatoes get big and I don’t see you getting many strawberries in a pot.

Tomato also has a pretty expansive root system. Competition may not be good.

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+1 on peppers, there’s a reason why that was the code word at horticultural supply shops (“I’m growing hydroponic peppers…”) back before legalization (in some areas at least), they have very similar requirements in most ways.

When touring some old Mayan ruins in Mexico there were some gnarled old pepper bushes that I’d guess were well over 20 years old. The tour guides said they were descendants of Mayan varieties that had grown in the area ever since, but I’m sure that was just part of their schtick. Peppers were hot and tasty, too.

edit: And just to be clear, I mean in different pots. Sharing root space would be inadvisable.