Post your ugliest (successful) graft!

I grafted for the first time last year and had some successes, but the disgusting looking graft unions keep me from getting a swelled head. Show us all your worst, and post your ugliest graft that actually took! Here are some of mine. I’m not proud.

The above was a bark graft on my peach tree, and I swear it was successful, you can see an apricot setting on the right! It didn’t help that I was at first using some graft sealer that was gray-green and turned black and nasty over time.

Is this a cork tree, or what?! Ugh! I originally tied my first few apple grafts with green garden tape, but forgot to take it off until the poor limb had grown all this corky stuff around the graft. I finally had to perform surgery to get the tape out of it, then splint the graft for a while in case it broke off at the girdle. Still, no excuse!

Ermagad, what is that? A bark thumb? Eeeew! That was a whip and tongue, and I guess the part that stuck out decided to grow a thumb. I don’t think anyone can beat that for a deformed graft union.


I’ve found that they usually aren’t ugly after season and smooth over, don’t panic!


I have one cherry graft that is hideous. Don’t have a pic right now.

Whatever works!

Maybe I can get a photo of my pear top working from last year. Here is a photo I took last summer.

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A Cleft graft from seven years back, now I leave both scions to grow for a full season at least before culling one. This trunk died back one the side that I cut the scion off in the summer after seeing the other growing well. Maybe this will be the year it heals over!

The tree, a Blue Pearmain, is growing well, no apples though…


Here’s my first attempt at a Whip & Tongue. Totally missed lining up the tongues! Having a dull knife didn’t help at all. This is Korean Giant on my existing 4 in 1 Asian Pear tree.


Your whip&tongue looks better than mine. Any that I’ve executed in the past died!

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very interesting to see what happens when part of the bark dies across from a successful graft!

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@bleedingdirt–looks like that graft might be growing a thumb too! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here’s my ugly T bud graft. One side hardly made contact but it survived fine

Here’s my best T bud graft


This apple graft is pretty ugly because the grasshoppers tried to girdle it at the time after I pulled the tape. They saw that tender new growth and went for it. I will cover that new growth in pruning seal from now on.


ouch! That’s definitely a contender!

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Ugly…not too, I guess…wacky = definitely! First graft, and yep, upside down.


Look on a bright side, you will have a story to talk about.


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Maybe even some upside down apples…they’re the best for cobbler.


Wow, I wouldn’t have thought that was possible!
I guess you’ll have to make apple turnovers?


Hilarious. That upside down one is killing me!


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Grafting upside down would make it easier to get horizontal scaffolds. Lol.


Some amazing things were discovered accidentally. :grinning:

Unknown red pear (probably Red Barlett) onto Callery root stock that grows everywhere in my neighborhood! The graft took but is so ugly to look at! When I first unwrapped and looked at it, I thought of the dried out Egyptian mummy displayed in the Chicago museum!