Potential treatment for citrus greening disease

Looks like UCR discovered a potential treatment for huanglongbing…


Unfortunate that they went with an exclusive license instead of multiple vendors or royalty free. It’s a state funded university after all.


I love publicly funding universities and research but its sad that we allow private entities to profit so heavily off this instead of the university and at the expense of all of us. Its not very free market either just cronyism.

Whats funny is like remdesevir in a few weeks China will have this and probably sell it to their farmers for a few dollars and its honestly better for them to do that. What will our farmers have to pay to eradicate this compared to other countries I wonder?

As a physician scientist, it’s much faster to scale up production through a private vendor.


Of course, private partnerships are the way to go. The issue is the exclusivity. Given the scale and severity of the problem, I would be surprised if other vendors would not have wanted to get involved. A single vendor monopoly doesn’t bode well for customers.

I’d hazard a guess that the solutions will be heavily focused on the large scale orchards. I’d be highly doubtful of availability to home gardeners. Keep in mind, the quarantining applied to us gardeners widely for protecting the commercial growers. (Rightly so).

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I agree we should let private enterprises produce these things but like fruitfruit im not sure the monopoly will serve the public near as good as a public license or licensing through multiple vendors with a proven history? Still fair competition is good right. I assume the university would make more money that way and the product may not get priced out globally. However lets wait and see and its awesome this is out there.

Still the quicker you are able to eradicate greening in backyards and other citrus the better it will be for commercial growers. Its definitely a devestating disease thats worth wiping out.