Potted peaches alive after freeze?

Hello all. New here, and a novice trying to navigate the hoards of information online about keeping peach trees in pots. Beginning of October I purchased three dormant peach tree’s and planted them in their pots. They are nemaguard variety. Well, after bringing the trees out of the garage Nov. 17th during a beautiful 60° day of sunshine, I forgot to bring them back in. That night we had a cold snap blast through with temps dropping to 15°F. The next morning when I realised what was happening I ran outside and quickly brought the trees back into the garage. The pots felt absolutely rock solid. Ive been observing my peaches trying to figure out if they’re dead or not. I read you can make a small scratch and if you see green theyre still alive - I did this today (one month post freeze) above and below the graft point. I see green both places - did my trees survive or is it too soon to know for sure?

Here are the below graft point checks:
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Unless you have something like a Babcock peach I would not be too concerned about 15 degree weather even in pots. Nemagaurd is not as hardy only going to 5 degrees according to Bay Laurel. My Saturn peaches have survived negative temperatures outside in pots just fine.


Wow, that is a relief. Thanks for the info. Everything I had read online said they should not be subjected to anything below 25°, that the roots would freeze solid. I have hope!