Powder Blue Blueberries - Zone?

Tractor Supply in Hudson NY ( Zone 5b) is selling Powder Blue blueberries in 5 gallon pots that are beautiful 24 inches tall, bushy fully leafed really beautiful plants at $11.99.

According to the label they are good down to zone 4, but I can’t find any verification for this online.

Does anyone have any experience with Powder Blue blueberries in Zone 5b?



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Zone 4 seems to be stretching it.Most sources are rating that one at 6-9. Brady

Yes I agree.

I am hoping for any info on Zone 5b success.


Not that it helps a lot, but the nearby blueberry farm / blueberry nursery grows them in 8b along the Louisana / Texas line

I planted Powderblue rabbiteye in Zone 6b. It was promptly killed by winter cold and a late spring freeze. Tiftblue also died.

Other rabbiteyes survived this abuse, including Ocklochonee, Vernon, Climax, and Brightwell.


Here is the photo of the front and back of the label.

All other info about Powder Blue that I can find says zone 6-7 or higher. This label shows Zone 4-7

Is this a magic Powder Blue like the “MAGIC GRITS” our Cousin Vinny was alluding to?


Do the Laws of Physics cease to exist on your stove top?

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Could be one of the greatest lines ever spoken by an actor… on par with…let other readers fill in…


I saw the the movie “Sully” last night and the copilot had a couple of lines that I remember.
After reaching shore he said,“I’ve never been so happy to be in New York” and at the end,probably the last thing spoken,after being grilled by the investigators and proving that the right decisions were made,he was asked if he wanted to add anything or what might have he done differently,he said something like,“Yes I’d have picked to do it in July.” Brady

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Those labels I find are always super “ambitious”. Normally a 1/2 zone min too low.

I don’t have an answer to the question in the opening post, but off all the varieties in my Zone 8B yard, Powder blue has the best tasting berries, hands down. God bless.


As a rule of thumb Rabbiteye Blueberries like Powder Blue are good to about zero degrees. Expect some degree of winter injury when the temp drops below zero

My blue berries are waking up. All except Powder Blue. Is this variety later than others (what I got breaking dormancy: Elliott, Brightwell, Bonus)
Wondering if it’s dead or just late.

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Mine potted blueberries are waking up too. My Brightwell is ahead of my Tifblue. Little leaves on the Brightwell. No leaves on Tifblue, just swollen buds.

You could nip a twig off of the Powder Blue. If its greenish its alive, if its brownish its dead.

I bought a Blue Powder this year as well and it is way later apparently than the rest of my Blueberries :man_shrugging: Makes me feel better others are having same experience with it :+1:

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Half the plant is definitely dead. There are few branches that look green when I snap but I’m not sure if they are recently dead or just dormant.

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That is hard to tell. Too low a pH can do this too. Kill half or all of a plant.

I didn’t know that. But that could very well be the reason here. I mixed in a good dose of sulphur when I prepped the bed last year. Live and learn :unamused:
More often than not it’s my love that kills my plants.

Yeah I have done the same thing. You have to be careful with sulfur, and it lasts a while too. I killed two, when I tested the pH it was in the low 3 range. You can flush with tap water to raise it a bit.

I’m good at that too!

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