PPE for spraying pesticide

Any recommendations for an amateur, rather clumsy homeowner? I plan to spray Talstar P.

First thing get a copy of the label for Talstar P. It’s available on the internet. You need to read the label and also it’s a good idea to review the SDS for it. By law you are required to follow the instructions on the label.

I am looking at the label now. It states “not for use on edible crops”. So my question is what do you intend to spray it on?

Also the PPE requirements on the label in some cases include using a real respirator with particulate/ organic vapor cartridges. If your a homeowner I think you should think twice about spraying it at all. What pest are you wanting to kill and what are you spraying it on? In most cases there are safer alternatives that require less PPE.


I wouldn’t be spraying it on anything edible. Our backyard is mostly shrubs anyway.
I just want some basic perimeter protection against common pests like spiders, mosquitos, etc. I was advised by several pest control experts that Talstar P Is a good and very common general purpose product.
What would you recommend instead?

Check Do My Own Pest Control (http://Domyown.com) they sell generic as well as name brand insecticides. Bifenthrin is generic Talstar. For many the PPE requirements are long sleeve shirt, pants, shoes W/socks and rubber gloves. But always read/follow label to be sure.

Most of us on the forum are focused more on spraying fruit trees and vegetable crops rather than houses, lawns,etc. Having said this you might consider Spectracide Triazicide. It’s labeled for spiders, mosquitos, ants and many other insects. I would look at the label for triazicide and see if it would meet your needs. The only disadvantage I can think of is the shelf life is fairly short, 1-2 years depending on storage conditions.

It’s best to read the label of the pesticide before buying it and make sure it works for what you need and you can meet the PPE requirements. Especially now since some PPE is basically impossible to get because of Covid-19.

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As long as mix Talstar P in a ventilated area (like outside) and of course spray outside, the only PPE you need is long sleeved shirt, long pants, socks, shoes, and chemical resistant gloves. That’s according to the label. It’s also a good idea to use some eye protection when mixing, even in a ventilated area, although the label does not require it.

It’s fairly minimal PPE.

Bifenthrin is a common insecticide and has a formulation called Brigade which is labeled for many vegetable crops and a few fruit crops like pears, caneberries, blueberries, and tomatoes. As mentioned, Talstar P is a formulation labeled for non-edibles.

If you choose to use it in your backyard, read the label thoroughly and it should do what you want it to do.