'Prairie Dawn' American Persimmon?

Does anyone know what the ‘Prairie Dawn’ American Persimmon is? Information here: Prairie Dawn ™ American Persimmon - One Green World

I assume it’s another Claypool persimmon, curious which one. I know H-118/Early Jewel is marketed as ‘Prairie Star’. A-33 is ‘Prairie Sun’, haven’t seen a common variety name for that one.

Maybe H-120?


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Jerry Lehman said it is a Claypool persimmon, but didn’t say which one (if he knows).

They are probably provided to One Green World by Northwoods wholesale nursery. I can ask.

Cliff might know, and probably offers the same or several comparable/better persimmons, and better trees for the money at that.

Just my opinion, granted, but still…

I’m curious to hear.

I’m partial to One Green World and their supplier because they are in my climate and I sometimes even get to taste the fruit.


I have had a few chats w cliff, he just seems a great wealth of knowledge–OGW just took a handful of persimmons and renamed them w trademarks, at least thats what it appears.

I have ordered from OGW and they sell nice stuff, i have more faith in cliff. I also suspect for the $$ he has bigger trees than you will get at OGW. That said neither is in my area; you have a valid factor to weigh i do not.

I understand Mark, that makes sense. I was speaking from a position of living within driving distance of OGW and the wholesale nursery that supplies much of their stuff.

We have our own climate and American persimmons aren’t native here. Having actually tasted a good fruit grown within 30 miles or so of my house is a strong endorsement to me. I’m sure there are others that would do even better, and if I had room for 5 or 6 trees I’d probably like to go for it.

I found a document rating the Claypool persimmons, and there were some that looked like they scored much higher than the ones at OGW, and even early ripening.

But reports from their native range, with lots of pollinators, may not translate to my conditions and where I don’t plan on having a male.

Tying up this loose end . . . .

I was looking for H-63A and saw speculation on another thread that Prairie Dawn is H-63A. I couldn’t find a definitive answer, so I e-mailed OGW.

They responded that Prairie Dawn is H-55A.

Here’s an older post that matches all the One Green World “Prairie” names with the original Claypool names:

Prairie Dawn - Claypool H55A
Prairie Gem - Claypool F-25
Prairie Star - Claypool H-118
Prairie Sun - Claypool A-33


Yeah, somehow I managed not to see that one. :slight_smile:

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