Prairie Spy apple


The last times I commented on this unusual apple was to note how disappointed I was in it:

But this year looks to be better. Just had one right off the tree and we both enjoyed it- noted its “different” taste. Since its known for good flavor and is supposed to improved with storage I’m encouraged.

I’m not going to try to describe the taste, partly because it has proven to be so variable thus far and also because I’m not quite sure how to. For right now I’ll stick with “different” and maybe “assertive, spicy” and dodge anything else. But the texture is tight, firm close. It’s known as a great storage apple, so I’ll save the rest for spring, and see what that does for the texture.

I think it’d probably make a fine cooking apple but I haven’t tried it. I’d love to get others’ experiences.


I just ate my first Prairie Spy of the season. It had a bit of bird damage, so I picked it and took it home. Cut out the damage and enjoyed it. It was a nice mix of sweet and tart. Nice crunch, juicy. I’m not the best at describing flavors, but their is a unique taste at first crunch of each bite. Maybe a hint of cherry?

The apples are huge, that’s for sure.


My PS are going to have to come off of the tree today ahead of the big chill, but I’m sure that they’re nowhere near ready. I guess I’ll stash them in the back corner of the fridge and see what they look like in April.


The seeds in the one I ate were all brown, so I went back and picked the rest. We’re not getting the snow that those in parts of MT, WY, SD, ND may get, but the temp is supposed to drop well into the 20s. They’re in the crisper now and will likely stay in there for maybe a month or so. I don’t have a lot of other fruit this year, so they’ll get eaten up quickly. I would like to try and keep one until March just to see how it compares.