Prepping for next year figs

This is the year to get rid of my inground figs. Less is better. Polar Vortex makes me do it. Also make yard more orderly. Potting figs are in their staging area for weeks now, waiting for their usual April 15 date.
All Asian pears are ok. Persimmon

Persimmon hasn’t done nothing yet, been cleaning them, the minus 7 might done a number on them.


Did your persimmons survive the polar vortex?

Some of those figs might come back and ripen a crop this year depending on the variety and how you care for them!

Andrew, figs, when I am done with them, rootball and all will be gone. Chicago Hardy, Desert King, Atreano, about 15 in all. Gone!

So far, looks like a lot of damage. Nature want me to downsize anyway.
Looks like 10 more loads like that. Yards starting to looks a lot cleaner.
Making it ready for the next new owners.