Prime Jan blackberry

The patent expires today. This is the first off patent primocane bearing blackberry. In about a month and a half, the patent expires on Prime Jim. To celebrate the patent expiration, I planted one in a clearing in a very overgrown part of a local park. Imagine my surprise when I noticed that there were already blackberries of unknown type growing back there.


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That’s great! Maybe they will be available more places now. I’ve been looking for Prime Jim the last 2 years with no luck.

Prime Jim and Prime Jan are described by the U Ark folks as “obsolete.” It you ever happen to be in St. Louis, let me know good and ahead of time, and I’ll give you one. They sucker like crazy in my back yard, and I’m always digging them up.


Another Prime Jan at the local park. Hey, everyone needs a hobby, right?

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I just bought an Arapaho from ALDI for $3. I also got two Bluecrop and one Jersey blueberry, also for $3 each. Such a deal. If you ask a lot of the best blackberries, “Who’s your daddy?” they’ll say Arapaho. OK, maybe Arapaho was the female parent, or grandparent, but still.