Privet mulch?

Pros and cons of chipped privet mulch?
Neighbor is having them chipped up now.
Ordinarily I’d like a deciduous hardwood but what the heck.


No cons to my knowledge. I hate privet if the just chopped at base it will sucker back bad


Me too. I’ve removed it all from my property except for one right at the base of an oak. I just trim that one periodically.

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It’s one of them imported landscape plants that are considered invasive.
But, the mulch should be like hard…more akin to oak than pine or poplar.

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I would say only if it still has viable fruit on it chipped in that will help it spread in your garden would I hesitate. The patches I have (unfortunately, the land is newer to us and removal is on the to do list) are mostly free of berries in my zone this time of year due to bird activity.


I usually just approach people when I come across them working in the neighborhood but going forward I think I can just reach out to this guy as he runs a small local business.