Problem, or overthinking it?

Some odd browning on my Freyberg Apple scion that is pushing.

Look at the two newest leaves.

Powdery mildew, from the looks of it. It can get out of hand, but I manage it easily enough with a little wp sulphur added to my spinosad spray. Lots of other stuff works too, but sulphur is all I’ve ever needed. Seems like it goes after new growth like that and then spreads.

ps - @jerry, below, is correct. If it’s " … like most Cox descendants, it’s worth it".
pps - I may try to hit you up for a scion next year, if that’s OK and if I can remember!

Freyberg is also scab-prone, like most Cox descendants, so be prepared for that as well. But also like most Cox descendants, it’s worth it.


I think the white stuff might just be immature leaves, hard to say for sure. The one brown spot could be scab, again hard to be sure.

Freyberg is quite the princess apple, it gets more of about all the leaf damage things. Right now my tree has more scab than any apple in my orchard and the rosy apple aphids are also all over it. Overall this stuff is only at a cosmetic level, and the tree still has a huge number of nice apples on it, but I am starting to wonder if that is a reason why the apple is not more popular commercially … the taste is awesome. Oh it also massively oversets and hangs on to small fruits if you don’t thin really well … it requires extra time on the thinning to get it right.


I’ve heard good things about the fruit. It has grown well since I grafted it, pushing over 12 inches so far, but the leaves have never been all that pretty.

This year Freyberg and Golden Russet were the only two of my apples with strikes of fireblight, nothing major, but I have to keep an eye on them from now on. Usually September Fuji is the one that gets them.

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