Problem with transplanted Juliet

I transplanted 4 years old Juliet cherry to better location. It was done in full dormancy and I saved good amount of roots. After a month it started to flower on new location , however the petals didn’t fall, but became brown instead. The leaves started to open, but kind of stuck at that stage - not wilting, but not opening up either. How can I help this tree? Removing flowered is too big of a job, it is 6 foot tall tree with 4 trunks. How can I help the tree to survive?

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I bet your tree is just fine. That is all concerning, but mine did the flower browning thing this year, too. :man_shrugging:
As for the leaves, I think it reached the limit of how much water the roots could pump to them, and is paused while it grows new feeder roots. I think if you keep it well watered all this year, it should be back in full stride for next year. And I wouldn’t prune the top to rebalance unless you see serious wilting. All those leaves are sending sugars and hormones to rebuild the root system
Speaking of hormones, root tips generate the hormones that encourage top growth, so that might be part of the holdup, too.


i agree what Jay said Galina. those romance cherries are pretty tough. mulch it well and keep it moist and it should pull though. say hi to Alex for me. :wink:

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