Prok and Rosseyanka Buying Advice Needed

I found prok and rosseyanka potted and thinking about buying them. The strong wild persimmon taste is what I am after. Do either of these resemble wild in taste?

Anywhere other that JFE with potted american persimmons that are not twigs?

Try edible landscaping. I have purchased from them and was extremely pleased. They are also extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I live nearby, so I did not have the trees shipped, but picked up in person.


@Robert Prok should give you wild persimmon taste as its 100% D. virginiana, our native species. Rosseyanka is a hybrid of native and kaki. I have not tasted either though.

Many sources have Prok as a hybrid. That’s why I’m wondering. Rosseyanka I know nothing about.

I saw the late John Gordon
raise that hybrid possibility back in the 1990s, iirc, because it came out of Dr George Slate’s breeding program, but there’s nothing about Prok that suggests that it is a hybrid, IMO. It’s just a big, tasty American persimmon.