Prok and Yates American persimmons


Looks like a banner year for my American persimmons. Prok, Yates, Early Golden, H-118, and the rest of Jerry Lehman varieties in the multi grafted tree are loaded. Persimmon beer this year is a probability😁.



jealous; I have yates, Prok, and H118 myself (and a few others) and none are flowering yet–Yates was about 6’ this year, but got clipped back to closer to 3.5 both to move it into the main yard and also to facilitate creating an open-center tree I can better graft my other stuff onto. I’m thinking that one might fruit next year, with luck.

looking good, tony.


Congrats, Tony. All I want is that my two grafts take, not asking too much really :smile:


Grafted my persimmon 2 weeks ago, hope I have better success than last year (50%).


Everything I have that came dear I’ve been doing whips but I’ve also if I have the extra wood (i almost always do from making the whip cut anyway) I also chip bud below the whip, I did it on a small piece of chinebuli this yr and some apples and peaches. I can already tell that one of my peregrines is going to come down to whether or not the chip took because the whip did not


I wanna see pictures of your Early Golden when they’re ripe…


Ok. I will post some photos in the fall.



Super, Tony. I’m too interested in photos. Especially of all of Jerry’s stuff.



Persimmon beer this year is a probability

Coincidentally i got an American Persimmon Mead beer delivered to me yesterday… Haven’t tried it yet… But its from East Grove Farms if anyone is interested in trying (I got as a gift to try with someone, but I won’t be trying it until 1-2months from now when they have their House-Warming party).
There is also a American Persimmon Wine I been dying to try but I don’t think they deliver… really interesting fruit wines + meads from both companies here (i think they were the only ones that I could find online at least that have american persimmon wines/meads):

Btw @tonyOmahaz5, did the WS-810 scion I sent take? I forget, maybe I also sent 1 scion to @mamuang as well.


Also Im pretty excited about my american persimmon grafts.
I never did bark grafting and was skeptical but my 1 bark graft took, and maybe 50% of whips so far … so did a few more bark grafts this past weekend so we shall see which method is more successful.

PS I have both Prok and Yates (and Lehman’s Delight).
Yates replaced a WS-810 that just died on me this spring (so Tony, u are lucky if you got that one grafted with the scionwood I sent you).
Is WS-810 (or another newer variety Cliff England sells) that much better than Yates (which i heard is very large [maybe almost as large as Prok? and has subtle apricot flavor?])?
I was debating if should take one of my new WS-810 (or other variety like A-118Elmo, etc) grafts and replace the ‘replacement Yates’ i just put in :slight_smile: .


I grafted last week but we got a nasty heat wave the last last 4 days and a 100 degrees is coming this weekend and that is a bad sign for Persimmon graft.



I got the WS810 and grafted it to Nikita’s Gift about 3 weeks ago. It looks like buds start to push but I won’t hold my breath as my persimmon grafts last year did the same thing but did not amount to anything :unamused:

The scion is slim so if it takes, it may take two years of growth before I could send it back to you. I definitely will.


Don’t sweat it… I might have a successful WS810 graft from scionwood I got from Cliff (and i’ll probably order more scionwood next year anyway to practice my grafting technique [I probably will give away all the persimmons i graft this year to friends]).


Awesome, and great photos Tony!

My Yates has flower buds for the first time this year. I don’t know if my season is long enough and warm enough, but we might find out this year.

I have a small tree of Prairie Star but it’s had a rough time and still a very long way from blooming. This year it was defoliated by hail while the shoots were still tender. Last year something ate half of it off. Poor tree.


Your trees seem to be a couple of weeks ahead of me. I thought you would have grafted persimmon a while back.

Do you usually graft persimmon later? I try to figure out when to best graft persimmon.


Tony I don’t know it helps or not but a couple times when we had freaky hot weather I made it a point to water the trees more aggressively; just a gallon every day at their base or something like that and those trees the grafts took. Like I said I don’t know if that really made a difference though it certainly helped ease my mind


I got busy at work and a bit behind on persimmon grafting. I usually bark or cleft graft it when I have a nice pattern of warm weather in the mid 70’s or low 80’s for about 2 weeks period. Aftercare is most important by rubbing off new shoots below the union every few days. If you skip this step then your graft will not make it due to low sap flow to feeding the graft.



I grafted Yates and H118 (thanks @markalbob ) just a few days ago onto seedlings so I’m hoping the same!


Lucky friends!


I’ve heard to graft persimmon late when its warm and leaves are about 1", so that’s what I tried (crossing fingers). My grafting mentor, Tom Wahl, recommends the mega-chipbud bark inlay graft (aka “pecan” graft) for persimmons and most harder to graft trees.