Prok persimmon id

Why does this prok persimmon not look like an American persimmon any thoughts.




Looks and size are pretty similar to this Prok. The new leaves on it are shiny too.

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Thank you

The leaf is getting bigger about 10 inches.

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Looking good!

Prok has been the earliest to produce for me.

Still looks like a match.

Definitely a match after seeing your pic. I just wasn’t sure because I had to cut this tree way back because of a borer. The leaves were just so glossy compared to other native persimmons I’ve seen plus you never know what some of these nurseries graft onto. Thanks for responding.

P.s does your prok get really bad looking splotches all over the leaves later in the year? I’ve seen some guys Persimmon videos on YouTube and they look terrible.

Some I guess. Here is a pic from last October 1st, last fruit on the tree. Leaves already starting to turn.

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Looks good compared to others I’ve seen maybe has to do with how much sun exposure they receive.

I have several seedling persimmons that I grew out several years ago and are now fruiting. One of them had this happen so badly, so consistently, that I cut it down. One of the others gets a moderate case, and the third a mild case.