Propagate Honeyberry / Haskap cuttings? Follow along


I wish you much success. Let me know how it turned out.


Try to look for the Russian variety “Vostorg”. It is top with us - Aurora, Blizzard, Honeybee pollinator and from Russian Vostorg. This year I multiplied with green cuttings about 30 pieces from the “Vostorg” variety from the only shrub I have. It is a very fertile variety and the fruits are delicious.

Nearby in Poland, they gradually reoriented more to the Canadian.

They try to keep the twigs vertically for harvesting. The buckles give 4 x 0.5 m:


is that your field? looks great and like a ton of work!


I gave a link to the Kushibab farm in Krakow, Poland. They do not even mention the Polish variety Wojtek and older varieties. On the contrary, this planting is done in 2015 - 2016 from new varieties - Aurora, Borear Beast, Boreal Blizzard, Honeybee, Boreal Beaunty and from the newer Russian variety Vostorg. The planting method was done so that the twigs grew vertically. It’s for machine collection. Interesting with this method of clamps is only - 0.5 m. For these new varieties, the production was higher than 10 t / ha for the fourth year after planting, which is a high yield potential.

It turned out that the highest yields were provided by shoots aged 2-3 years, which is important information, as it suggests that regular pruning and rejuvenation of plants will be necessary for a good harvest.

There is a link to the conference, where Dr. Bob Bors pointed out how important the selection of suitable pollinators is to achieve high yields of Haskap. It is also important to place them on the plantation. A ratio of pollinators to the basic variety of 1:10 will be sufficient, or it should be 1: 4, or it will pay to grow berries in two rows, from two different varieties.


has anyone tried placing beehives close to assist pollination? i just started keeping bees this spring. hopefully they survive winter… anyone have vostorg that’s willing to send a few hardwood cuttings?