Propagate Honeyberry / Haskap cuttings? Follow along


Info some may find useful…


How are your hardwood cuttings doing?


Not well, most showed some fungus issues and didnt root, a few did, maybe 4 or 5 out of the whole bunch and I moved them outside. It was rather disappointing so I forgot to update. Would like to keep this topic going tho so if anyone else does some propagation work with haskap feel free to post your findings and pictures. I will be taking new softwood cuttings soon and will post new pictures when I do. I have some smaller bushes that dont have any berries on them anyway but a good bit of vegetative growth so Im going to take a lot of the new growth off and try to root it. Also thinking that if I remove enough new growth it might stimulate the plant to break buds on the remaining new growth and veg some more, which would be very interesting.

Link with some info that might be helpful.


Thanks for the update TheDerek. Bummer it wasn’t more successful, but all part of the learning curve…Where are you located?
I also plan to try some summer propagation with these and will report back when I get some results.


took cutting from 6 varieties of honeyberry tonight. Dipped in hormone and stuck in 50/50 promix bx and de. Will be kept outside under shade and humidity tent.



Stuck some new cuttings from honeyberry this past weekend. They are on a heating mat set at 80 degrees under LED light dimmed to 10k lux at the top of the domes, measured with my cell phone. Soil is 2/3 coir and 1/3 sand pasturized in hot water, cooled and squeezed out by hand. I added 2 cups (/gallon of soil) cloning solution made from kelp4less cloning powder ( and squeezed it out again. Cut ends were soaked in cloning solution for several minutes before being stuck into soil also. There are several different varieties of HB under the domes and they will be kept at 100% humidity for the first week and then the vents will be opened slightly to see how the cuttings react. Also have some softwood IEM and canadian sour cherries under the dome on the left.


You might want to be careful posting what varieties you’re propagating because some of those are patented.


I know some are trademarked, meaning you cant resell cuttings for a profit using the TM name I guess (but I think you can make as many as you want and give them away or use them personally), and I saw on some websites claims their honeyberries/haskaps are patented, but I went to the US patent site and couldnt find many that actually were ‘patented’. Seems some of the oregon ones is all, Maybe I am just not searching correctly. Same info here think many producers SAY their plants are patented to keep people from propagating them, while just TM’ing the name because it is much cheaper and a less involved process. I know in canada they have PBR (*plant breeders rights) that make it illegal to reproduce some varieties but because the US has a patent system that covers plants, those plants would have to go through the patent process to be covered here. This is all very complicated and I havent spent a lot of time on it but there is more info here if a lawyer would care to translate to english the basics. Sounds like because of treaty signed by the US, we would have to recognize international PBR’s IF we didnt have a patent system that included plants, but because we do, someone would need to file a patent to cover that plant in the US… Please correct me if I am wrong. :slight_smile:


Moved some of my cuttings outside today. Here is a nice one.

these were taken about June 1.


Looking good, TheDerek!
Was this from your first or second batch of cuttings, and can you go over the technique you used again? Thanks for sharing your experience. I plan to try some softwood cuttings after I harvest in a week or two.


2nd batch of cuttings, 1st batch was left outside and baked in the sun the first day after i cut them! On these I used ‘woods’ brand hormone, diluted 20 to 1 with water and when I checked them one week after cutting, many of the tips on the cut ends were black and dying. I think I figured out what I was doing wrong tho. When I cut my cuttings, I usually stick them in a shot glass with about an inch of rooting hormone till I have 6 to 10 cuttings in there then I move them to soil. I should have been just dipping them and sticking them right away I think. Since then I have cut back to 30 to 1 dilution and dont seem to have that problem anymore. Anyway when I saw the tips starting to die, I just cut them off till I got to some healthy tissue and restuck them and they rooted, no new hormone added. Today I cut and stuck some Passion cherry and also Smokey juneberry.

Havent tried these before and Ive read that juneberry can be tough to propogate from regular cuttings, typically people use etoliated branches or something like that, but well see I guess. I keep the cuttings under a humidity domes on a heating mat set to 80f for a couple weeks. Usually I will also cut the leaves in half also, unless they are fairly small. Here is what I have going right nowCuttings in bubble cloner starting to show roots, Honey Beee at least, Ive read tundra can be tough to root and so far its not doing much.


I like that bubblier concept. I might try that I think it’s a great idea for all cuttings. Air must leave the container so mold wont set in as fast. I mean if air is bubbling in it’s leaving too from the little environment.


Some cuttings wont root in this type of environment, but others will, it take some experimentation to figure it out.


Updated pics of bubbler roots… Some cuttings have died and some still arent rooting, some are just really slow. I switch out the water once a week with new rain water from my barrel.


Great info. I was going to check my air layer today, but I don’t have time to mess with it. I will next week.


Moved all cuttings from bubble cloner outside today.

cover them with paper towels for one week while they adjust. not all were rooted but over half were so most should live.


I planted some Aurora seeds today, I was told you can get first fruit from plants only 1 year old.


I looked at my air layer and it took, I will be planting out the new plant which is not small. Too wet today, probably next week. So air layers work. I like air layers as it takes 5 minutes and that’s all you do.