Propagate Honeyberry / Haskap cuttings? Follow along


I havent tried seeds from these yet, did you blend the berries to get the seeds out? Have you grown any from seed before? Pics would be awesome!


Got any pics of your layer? Did you use any hormones to promote rooting?


First time honeyberry seed grower here…I pulped the fruit, then ground them against a fine sieve, them mixed in a bowl of water, pulp floated up, seeds sank, poured off water and pulp, skin fragment. Let seeds dry overnight and sowed shallowly in a small flat this morning…not much to see but dirt now, but I might harvest another batch of seed when I strip my bushes in the next week or so.


Maybe I will get lucky and germinate a plant with good qualities, I will call it ‘Bluesox’(I think the shape of these kind of resembles socks that you kick off and have the toe pulled in)


Im trying juneberry seeds for the first time right now also. Ill probably start a tread about it…


Sounds interesting, if I didn’t have so many other seed projects going I would do it too. Maybe next year. I wanted to mention they may need stratification, I would think so coming from the north.

I’ll take some, no I just put it in the air layer, no girdling (like figs) or hormones.

When I first opened it up, (took the foil off) I didn’t see any roots, but the bottom has roots. Here is the top

I lifted the bottle up (Mountain Dew) and stuck the camera in there, so not the best pic.

I should probably leave it a couple more weeks.
Another photo of the top


Looks good, Ill take the pot off my Aurora this fall and see if any of the branches rooted, if they did Ill remove up to half of them and transplant. Dont want to stress the plant too much next year.


Yeah just burying branches would be a lot easier for these things. This was just an experiment, mostly to get down my air layer technique. It is an easy way to make a fig tree, and I also was thinking blueberries, as the only other way I know of is a misting set up.


Ive had good luck ground layering my blueberries to prop them. Better luck than I have had growing them actually, haha.


I may try a ground layer, although some are way too upright.Like my Chandler is a tree!
It’s at least 5 feet tall. An air layer is just an elevated ground layer! So it should work for sure.


Nice looking layer, Drew.
I pulled off a few branches that had self layered from the multi stemmed crowns being planted deep, not much roots, but hopefully enough to keep em going. I pruned the tops back to a couple nodes, much of the foliage died back but I do,see some green buds starting to break so I am hopeful.
I read that stored seed does require a couple months of cool damp stratification, but fresh seed does not. I should know in a couple weeks…


I need to get some for which I haven’t signed a non-propagation agreement. I’m not even supposed to grow from seed :frowning:

Super sweets sound intriguing. I need to figure out bloom times and whether I can find someplace to put them. Maybe I’ll displace some lower yielding black currants if they don’t pick up.


Where are you buying plants that makes you sign contracts?


Directly from Dr. Maxine Thompson. I think at least one of the 5 of her numbered selections I got subsequently got named (Chito 41-75). Unfortunately I’ve lost my notes and was only able to read the numbers off of 3 of my 5 now.


I have a friend who is also growing one of her numbered selections, too small for fruit this year.


Brady got one plant from her too.
On the sweet plus types Honey Gin and Blue Banana are supposed to be for warmer areas.Russian types.


Drew, I think it’s the later blooming Japanese varieties which are better for warm zones, they don’t wake up in late Jan if there’s a warm spell.
I stuck some semi-lignified cuttings into a jar of water a couple weeks back, some are showing rootlets. Good to know how easily propagated these are…


Yes, but only one Japanese cultivar is in the sweet plus category. Of the sweet plus, the Russians I mentioned do better in warmer zones.


I just wanted to follow up on my air layer of Indigo Treat. If you need mass quantities of new plants this is not the method. If you just need one plant, and want a good size, likely to survive, this is the way to go. If in ground, you could ground layer. I grow in containers, an air layer was much more practical. Well I removed air layer today and planted. I used a Mountain Dew pop bottle, love this method!

Plant and water, done! If anybody want this, i can send bare root in the fall to save postage. It needs to adjust to the container now for a few weeks.


Lotta nice roots there… Curious to see if my Aurora that I layered did anything over the summer. I kinda dug down a bit around one branch and didnt find any roots, so maybe it wont.