Propagate Honeyberry / Haskap cuttings? Follow along


I sent him a bunch of blacks.
Goliath, Black September, Titania,Minaj, Rovada red current, Consort, and Tiben
These will be available to anybody next year too, along with any honeyberries I have.


Yes those are them, thanks Drew!


They look good! Good job! I added Jewel Gooseberry this year. An interesting orange colored fruit. One guy I know who loves gooseberries, said if he had to keep only one, it would be Jewel. Why did he have to say that? Now i have to have it! Chills and i did an order to One Green World together to save on postage. i expect the plant in the spring.
Some others like Friend look interesting but I don’t know if it’s any good or productive? It is thornless. And I must say gooseberries have real thorns. What blackberries and raspberries have is not really a true thorn. Most have this underlying grape taste with hints of other flavors. , I like them a lot. Many kinds too. As far as currants I have enough currant plants and I will clone the ones I like best.


I think I’m going to order rolan red and connan black from hbusa this spring. Not that i really NEED them but they sound interesting.


Agree gooseberry thorns suck. Main reason i dug out my hinno red last fall. Sucker drew blood one too many times!


Those look like good choices! I have some older reds, and they don’t form long sprigs, but are very productive. Taste is about the same on all of them to me, ones easier to harvest and bigger size would be good. One London’s Market has darker berries than most, very deep red.
I’m looking for sub species of the golden currant. 2 or 3 exist. It’s very confusing. The clove currant is one of them, but both are called golden or clove. One is called Crandall. The other is a sub-species. At least three sub species exist. One has yellow currants.


Know what you mean, Hinomaki Red will bite you good. Pixwell has far fewer thorns. And this year I’m trying black velvet.
Currants, I’ve tried Ben More and Red Lake. Not overly impressed with either…although they are pretty disease free.
Have about 5 small honeyberries now…got to eat some from Blue Velvet last spring.


Repotted my rooted hardwood cuttings today. They seem to be happy and growing well…


They are a thing of beauty! When it all works out it feels like a little gold in your pocket. I’m hoping your cherry hardwood cuttings pull thru. I went out and collected some Juliet cuttings from my one year old that has a water sprout sucker coming up out of the ground. I did what you did and sterilized the substrate and put them on bottom heat. I couldn’t resist trying it to get some more shrubs. My cuttings are only 1/4" and less so not much energy but they are starting to callus. It even looks like fine roots coming out but my eyes are bad even with a magnifier. I used a ziplock bag and tied it in the middle to push up the Black Magic that I’m using. Then zipped it closed on the four six inch cuttings. I like the idea of sterilizing everything just like tissue culture it will give them a better advantage. Mine too are in my garage in 40 to 50 deg temps with the bottom at 65. I just put them on my trunk line that holds my one inch hot water pex coming into the house from the wood stove outside. I plan on separating that sucker and making a plant out of it too. I would have probably cut the top down anyway. You know if you use clear plastic cups it will let you see the root system so you know when to plant them or pot them up.


These r my juliet as of today.


Looks like little roots too on yours. Mine dont have as much callus. They did last year though but I think I messed them up by looking at them last year the roots are so fragile.

Mine are almost two weeks old.





they’re looking’ good! you planting out all of them? what varieties are they?


Those are honey bee. Not sure what I’ll do w them yet…

Stuck these today also.


Nice to know they root easily, now to just stick them in the ground and see if they root that way. Much like currants. I have a Blue Banana cultivar that had 2-3 stems that were 2 inches, and a couple that were only one inch long. It didn’t look great but did start growing in the late summer, but what was described above was after growing. Anyway yesterday looking at it in the ground, I saw green, it made it! Starting to grow already and the nights are in the 20’s. very cool plants.

I got some cuttings of a variegated sport of Pink Champagne currant. We are not sure what canes were variegated so I will be rooting a bunch of them, and hope I get a variegated cutting to take. I like this currant berries are sweet enough to eat raw. So I don’t mind a few extra plants around the yard.


Not sure if my blue banana i’s going to make it. If not i might have to Get some wood from u next spring!


Hopefully mine grows enough, it should, you don’t need much.


Some seedlings under lights, these were started last summer…starting to pick up growth rate some, they really took awhile to get going. I will plant these out this spring, and hope for fruit next year. Around 100 of these little guys, maybe a few will be winners.


Did it make it? Mine made it, and is growing. I can take some small cuttings in the fall. It is small, but appears healthy now!