Propagate Honeyberry / Haskap cuttings? Follow along


Nope, dead as a doornail. Im not too worried about it right now, lets wait until you get fruit to evaluate before we waste postage sending cuttings around… Really I have more HB plants right now than I know what to do with! haha


Sounds good. I may have a few berries on Honey Gin, and all my others, so I can make a comparison by July. I think you were propagating Honey Bee, and I saw a video where an older bush produced 8 pounds.


Yeah I have a lot of honey bee right now, more than I have room for by about 30 plants actually, same with indigo gem…


you in the US or Can.? id trade you for a few honey bees.


Im US, what u wanting to trade for?


have some ohio treasure blackberry cuttings that rooted or consort black currants. or id buy them from you if you prefer.


Cuttings taken mid winter…


wow they grew out quick!


And started indoors under lights?


Yup, they grow fast in coir under led lights… started using mega crop by green leaf and i like it so far. They r giving 1000g free samples if u pay shipping.


I cut one of my wild honeysuckle bushes back and grafted some honeyberry to them in late march after the honey berries where out of dormancy. They already had buds a half an inch long. They start early. I wanted to try grafting anyway. The thin bark was slippery and easily coming off when I sniped the shoots. I just took all the bark off at the bottoms of the honey berry and slipped them in a bark graft. One out of five took. It appears that these can be grafted to the wild busheshes growing everywhere around here.


Interesting! What variety did you graft onto it?


They just called it honey blue. I think I got it at Gurney’s.


What species is the stock?


I love it!


It’s just an invasive honeysuckle bush growing everywhere in the fields in our neck of the woods. I have no idea for sure.

It’s the one in the pictures that has the yellow and white flowers. Looks like they have invaded a good part of the US.


Took some indigo gem and carmine jewel cuttings today. In coir with bottom heat set at 76 and light measures 12k lux at top of domes. Closet is fairly cool, about 68f.




Yup , woods concentrate diluted 25:1.