Propagate Honeyberry / Haskap cuttings? Follow along


better picture taken today



What are you going to do with all the fruits when all your bushes in full production?



I really dont have room for any right now, been looking for land but its very expensive near where i live. Mostly Im just working on getting technique down in case I ever have room for more plants. Haskap are pretty easy to root, cherries I have struggled with more, they are a little tricky. Going to start feeding the cuttings during the rooting process to see if it helps, foliar.


Successfullypropagatingcuttingstakesplanning (1).pdf (99.4 KB)


I’m rooting for you Derek!


Last week i soaked the coir to runoff using 1 gallon rain water with 2g megacrop mixed in. Let it drain well and also removed cuttings that didn’t look good. Kept it inside under led with all 3 vents open on prop dome.

Moved them outside today to shaded area on porch, still all vents open. Roots are coming out holes in perforated liner now.


Got a few cuttings going…


The CJ cuttings that I watered with 2g of megacrop had roots showing 2 weekends ago on some of the cuttings. I tossed the ones that were dying and repotted the living ones using 3g megacrop/gallon of water in the coir this time… I think I should probably start giving them light nutes sooner, maybe after 50% or so of them are showing good callus growth.


On March 6 2017 you wrote a post about using clear plastic cups for rooting cuttings. What size holes do you put in the cups and where do you put the holes at the bottom or sides? I’m trying to do the same thing using clear plastic cups but can’t figure out how big a hole to make. And do you use a filter in the cup to keep the material from draining out the holes?


I drill four 1/4" holes in the bottom. I don’t use any filters. With coir or moss in the substrate it doesn’t come through.


I melt holes using a large nail heated with a torch. Can do a bunch of cups at once that way, stacked together


Not cuttings, but here’s a pic of some of this year’s seedlings(Wojtek OP) just germinated en masse in a flat and one I started last year for comparison, hope for fruit next season…


Holy crap, thats a lot of seedlings! What kind of soil r u using? Have you gotten fruit from your mother Wijotek? Where did you get it from? I havent heard much about that variety…


I got the seed for an orchard Ivisited it is a very productive variety, good full flavor and berry size. Mid size bush. Sowed in promise bx, they have been fertigated with some compost tea.


I spent some time pricking out the seedlings from the flat and potted them up into 72 plug trays…filled five of them(360 plugs) and only made it through a quarter of the sprouts in the flat!


Are you planning to grow them inside during he winter? They look pretty young to survive much harsh weather… Any idea where the pollen came from? Do you have room to plant them all? I might take a few off your hands as well as some grape cuttings next spring, if you have extra! :stuck_out_tongue:


tray of rooted blue jewel cuttings. interesting variety, loves very fertile soil and grows super fast. also very easy to propagate. haven’t gotten any fruit yet tho…


I will do like I did last year and grow them through the winter inside under lights, but thinking I’d also like to test the hardiness (since I have a few to spare) and see how they fare outside. Pollen source unknown, but the orchard where I got the seed had Aurora, Honeybee, planted in adjacent rows. I’d be happy to send a few your way…


Nice job with the seedlings!

I’m reporting in to say that I had success with my first haskap cutting!

I went out to check my plants one morning and noticed a broken branch on my Honey Bee planted from Honeyberry USA last fall. So I grabbed the broken branch and scraped the bark with my fingernail a little bit, dipped it straight into bonide rooting hormone powder, and stuck it in a 4 inch pot filled with Dairy Doo Seedling Mix potting soil.

I stuck a Ziploc freezer bag over it as a humidity dome and left it under my growlight with some vegetable seedlings. Maybe only watered it 3 or 4 times. The thing rooted, grew, and will be getting planted outside any day now. I never took a picture but it already shed most of it’s leaves so it’s not really worth taking a picture now.

I’ve never taken a cutting from a woody shrub before so that’s really cool I got success on my first try. The information out there saying haskap propagation can be difficult seems a little like BS to me now .


haskap are relatively easy to root… congrats on your new plant.