Propagate Honeyberry / Haskap cuttings? Follow along


planted rooted cuttings to garden last night to grow for a year.


nice job! never heard of blue jewel. wheres it from?


Its a berries unlimited production, not sure what the fruit is like, but its VERY vigorous and roots super easy… I might get a few berries next summer, it falls into their early group and I think is somewhat tart.


bunch of dormant Aurora cuttings planted in garden today…


Why are you planting them so close together?


They will be grown for 1 year and then transplanted to their permanent location. They dont need a lot of space for just next years growth and my garden space is limited.


Hi Drew, are the currant and honeyberry cuttings available this year like you said they should be?


I have been asked by a lot. I have some left.


Here’s an update on some ‘Wojtek x OP’ seedlings which were started in a tray last summer. Most only grew one or two sets of leaves, and just sat there. I pricked out about half and put them in individual plugs, some of which I brought inside and grew through the winter under lights. I wasnt sure if these teenies would survive a Z4 Maine winter outside…well the snow melted away this past week and revealed the tray with the little guys not even defoliated! Stems are nicely lignified. I think they fared better than the bunch I brought inside and unintentionally drought-tested by not watering… They should put on good growth this season once I pot them up into 1 gal, the batch from the previous year grew 1-2’ tall from similar 1" sprouts and a pair are in the 2nd pic. I am planting out a row of those later this week and hope for fruit this year or the next…


potted up some honeybee cuttings from last year…


Sad the maintenence here at the apartmemts purposefully cut down to the dirt my 1 year old honeyberry. I do not know which it was.


Hopefully the roots will resprout to a bush again for you.


Do they do that?


I know wild honeysuckles do.


was raining today so i did some prop work… wheee!


Hi, Jesse (Wizzard) here
Hi, TheDerek It’s taken me a while. To catch up on all the past blogs you and your friends left. And I must say you are a true master at what you do! And your the man to ask questions if you have the time I 'am in to cloning many plants started in the last 4 or 5 years. Did not have much success with my Honeyberries using the ziplock bag ,winter cuttins method , Have Wild Honey, Honey Blue , Borealis, Auroua ,and Tundra. Maybe a review for me. Is it best to use not so fertile soil when layering? Does it help to rough the stems? The best time to take cutting is after there leafed out? And did you say you successfully grafted scions onto regular wild honeysuckle , like the bushes growing wildly all over place here in southern Pa. zone 6 ?
Thank you for your time if you get back to me. Wizzard


I, too, would like to know if haskap can be grafted to the invasive bush honeysuckles like Lonicera morrowii and Lonicera tartarica. That would be a pretty big deal to me.


Hi, Wizzard here
Tj-westPa Sorry slow responding I will work on it , if I hear anything I’ll let you know.


I grafted it to the invasive species last year. You have to work early because these plants wake up first in the spring. The bark was slipping so I just removed the bark on the scions and peeled the bark back on the invasive on after waking the tops off it. One out of about six took and grew all summer to about a foot or so. Then in the fall I hit with my sweeper and broke it! I didn’t notice till weeks later and I couldn’t save it. I think they are tricky to graft because the bark is so thin but they will work on these Honeysuckle bushes. I posted pictures in this thread somewhere.


Well at least that’s something. Thanks! It would be interesting to try different grafting methods to see what works best. Grafting onto a large rootstock would probably help if the bark is so thin.