Propagation of Passiflora sp. by cuttings


I moved one of our large Passiflora ‘Purple Tiger’ today (a hybrid of P. phoenicea ‘Ruby Glow’ and P. quadrangularis.) It had become entangled and had begun climbing our house. I finally decided to give it a proper home in the ground. I was as careful as I could be, seeing how it was absolutely LOADED with flower buds but I did end up knocking off a lot of them. I also cut away some of the vines and ended up with close to about 100 six-inch cuttings :open_mouth:
Question is, can these root in water? Or will these need the ol’ rooting hormone/soil method.


Water works. I rooted a few cuttings this way. Be sure to change the water often. YouTube has some good tutorials.


I’d do rooting hormone…but why not experiment with both and tell us which was best?


I’ve successfully rooted P. incarnata in just water, but I assume rooting hormone would work better.

Of course, with that many cuttings, you can afford a few losses.


I didn’t know i could use only whater… i plant mine. Just hope they root!


I’ve gotten Caerulea to root in water…

I’ve not gotten Lavender Lady or Capsularis to root that way, though.