Properties of D.Lotus rootstock compared to D.Virginiana?

For most fruits you can read all about the common rootstocks and what they’re good and bad at, comparitive sizes etc. I’m having more trouble finding the same kind of info about Persimmon rootstocks. Anyone heard any general info?

I have NBxTaishu on D.V. under cover and Rosseyanka on D.L. against a south facing wall here in Ireland for some experimental fun.

From my experience, the American Persimmon rootstock is more cantankerous to work with since it suckers so badly. Even plants I have purchased from Willis Nursery that are on D.V.failed because I did not realize I needed to keep rubbing off all the suckers so in several cases the sucker overtook the graft before I realized what was occurring. However; While Lotus does not tend to sucker, it is ultimately a semi dwarfing rootstock, so what you graft onto Lotus don’t have expectations for either fast growth or a taller tree. Hope this gives you the pros and cons you need for decisions.
Kent, wa

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