Pros and Cons put net on the tree for bugs or birds

I am thinking (preparing ahead)of buying some nets to cover some of my fruit trees . When I search for nets there are two major types. One is bug net which has very fine holes like a mosquito net. Another is bird net which has larger holes.

I have never used bug net on fruit trees. Anyone had experience please chime in.
For the bug net, my major concern are

  1. how effective it is
  2. will the net block out the sun ray enough to affect the energy intake by the leaves?
    3)will the net affect the air circulation which might increase the mold/fungus grow on the tree and fruits?

I have limited bird net experience of netted one tree in one season. It is kinda worked. Birds still can pick some fruits on the edges where the net and branches meet.
I know there are several different material/ construction of bird net out in the market. I am open to hear suggestion and recommends of net material and structure that works best (easy set up, durability, effectiveness) as the bird nets. Also most nets are flat , some are tailored/sew into tree shape. Which one works the best?


I tried a few nets and found them to be more hassle than they were worth. Also, to get nice ones that actually work they are pretty expensive. Nets really only reduce damage though.
If your trees are small it might work out well for you. My method of defeating the birds was to just plant more trees.


I have only used bird nets on strawberries, but I stopped because I unintentionally trapped a couple of rat snakes in my nets. I have a pine vole problem, and I appreciate whatever the snakes can do to help me with vole control. Based on that experience, I would suggest not using netting that touches the ground unless it’s a fine mesh like mosquito netting. I’ve used lightweight row covers for insect netting and found it very helpful for keeping the cabbage loopers off my crucifer crops, but that’s too fragile to use for netting trees.


I put these net bags on my trees when something like an animal is attacking my fruit trees in pots. Works!


This may not be a problem depends on where it is made. I might be able to found one cheap in Alibaba in China

@mrsg47 you answered the question that I was asking in another thread. Thanks

@IL847 ,
I have some experience with netting.

For birds, it has been helpful.
For squirrels, I need to secure the net on the ground well. Heard that hungry squirrel could bite through the net. I experienced raccoon bite through it. Got it with a trap

For bugs like PC and OFM, I used Kootanay net. Too thick and too heavy. Not good for my hot and humid climate. @galinas uses Agribon material that she cut and sew it to make nettings that fit her needs. That material is not as thick. It is more breathable, I believe.
To net for bugs, you need to be able to gather the bottom of the net and tie it to the tree trunk like Mrs. G did.

Cheap, black netting snag too much. Uncovering such a netting has caused a lot of damage to the tree.

Nettings from American nettings don’t snag as much but are pricey. They are not that durable. A few of mine already are torn in places.

I have found that for small trees, netting is a good solution.


Tippy. The bug net I saw looks like this
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Nope, quit using it time ago, too short life and too tight for air. I use Insect Mosquito Net form Gardenville(amazon seller)


That work good, at least for me

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And the bird net I got from Amazon is very very light

But I saw this type as well: not sure how good this type will be

How big the net did you get? I am thinking cover a cgerry tree in10 feet tall

I use 30x30 ft for this 12 ft tall nectarine tree. It is just about right.


I have 100’ roll 10’ wide. I cut 40’ and 10’ from it. And use stapler to make a cube from this two pieces - 40’ for sides and 10’ for top.

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Tippy, 12’ does not look very tall in the picture. I agree it need 30’ to cover it. It is better have extra hanging on the ground than short. What is the green material it is and are the thread knitted together or fused together?

I got it. 10x10 on top and 10x 40 ’ on the side. Pretty much a 10’ tall cube. Mine came in with the same width and length. But the material is very light and not strong at all

This is American nettings, with my sincere gratitude toward Mrs. G.



American Nettings net on an 8ft tall peach tree.

I’ve used the cheap Bird-X black netting and found the green woven netting softer and easier to work with.

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I have been using the American Netting green bird netting for about six years. I do have a few holes. Once a squirrel ripped a big hole. I use zip ties to repair. They last about six years although longer if careful. I love them myself. I use the 15x15 as it’s fairly priced it’s a little small for one mature tree. I use 2 or 3 of them. I use a 30x30 on top of a pvc framework to protect my blueberries. I had some not last that long. It depends how much you use them.