Protecting Espalier from Deer/Squirrel

Other than a metal cage, anyone succeed in keeping deer and squirrels off an espaliered fruit tree?

Deer can be discouraged from fruit with repellents and some are OK for edibles. I use my own formula with ivory soap and eggs mixed with water that works for me.

Woven 2-strand netting from American netting and others (7 Springs) can be effective if squirrels aren’t hungry enough to bother chewing through the netting.


Thanks Alan, I’ll contact American Netting and ask about squirrels.

I used netting and the squirrels chewed through it and got all of my apples on espalier.

I built a picket fence with a gate to enclose mine. It works for deer. I’m sure it won’t work for squirrels.

I am going to plant my novamac on b9 right next to the house (south/sunny side - near my fig) and near the HVAC unit. In hopes they will not be brave enough to come that close, and if they do the HVAC may kick on and run them off.

I have a view of the area out my home office window and any that are brave enough will probably get eaten by me.

I just learned about electric netting fences. I thought maybe I drape one over my trees but I could only find netting that is very long, like 80 ft. and only 5 ft high. Do they make electric netting that is maybe 6 - 8Ft wide and 50 ft long?