Protecting fruit from birds

I had read in Good Fruit magazine that sugar could be used to deter birds from pecking fruit and was looking to find the ratio of sugar to water required when I found this.


There isn’t much of a bird problem now,but if that happens,I may try the Grape Kool-Aid method on Blueberries.
I wonder if it will work on Mulberries or Blackberries.They may be too segmented and soft skinned,to get the stuff off later. Brady

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Old thread, I know. But for those interested: I tried the grape Kool-Aid method this year, at the rate suggested by U. Mass. Gave my blueberries an extremely thorough, shiny, sugary, grapey glaze that bees seem to enjoy—birds, too! They’ve cleaned out two bushes already. Mockingbirds have no problem with Methyl anthranilate—nor with sugar—not at these concentrations, anyway. I suspect there is no replacement for netting.


These bags work well on fruit in clusters… blueberries, josta, currents, blackberries.

Those in the pic are 4x6… I have some 8 x 12 that I use on my Concord grape clusters later in the year. If I dont bag them the birds get 90% or more.