Protecting NA persimmon varieties in zone 6b

I’m in zone 6a/6b in central New England slightly south of Worcester, MA. I covered 3 NA persimmons to protect them in their first year. See boxes above. Yes, they look like port-a-jons :slight_smile:

Trees protected: One Ichi ki kei Jiro, 1 Tam Kam, and 1 Gwang Yang.

Used 2” closed cell styrofoam board insulation type for the walls and ceiling. 5x2x2’ boxes.

Below are the temps inside the insulated box and ambient air to compare temps and humidity. Will share results in spring. I’m expecting to use the same boxes next year to protect them for 2 winters. I’m hoping no protection is needed in year 3.

Any thoughts on that plan from folks in This zone are welcome :slight_smile:


Wow, you went all out. That looks great! Please try to update this spring to let us know if they survived.

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Nice work, esp. with sensors. :+1:

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They do look like porta-potties :joy:

I would say you should be one of finalists in the zone-pusher category.

I will be interested in seeing how it will work out beyond the first few years when the trees out-grow the boxes.


Im in 6B and whatever dont make it wasnt meant to be… i like your style though.

Reminds me of those monoliths that appeared a couple of years ago.

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All you need is to paint a crescent moon on each of those.


Nice job on the boxes. I did something sort of like that for figs and also put a thermometer in to measure the difference. Like your results the lows were much less low but the average did not change too much.

The main problem I had was the figs still needed protection when they got a lot bigger and it was too much work to make the covers any bigger.

@JimmyP - you’re going to need to use those boxes and upsize thru the upcoming years ahead of your lifetime or those trees; whomever is their caretaker.

I’ve looked at Worcester MA’s weather and it’s been -9 F , -6 F, etc-

an overall picture is during 20-years there, you’ll have dead kaki anything.

You need to graft Gora Roman Kosh which equates to about -8F probably… w/ an additional (maybe 5 degrees-F) lower temp for the late-hours of any cold, cold, evenings at -8 / beyond…

it’s a guess, and it’s pretty close someone in Belgium thinks when looking at *degrees F.

I’ve been-looking at this stuff personally for a long-time. (the hours spent thinking…)


You can put a light bulb inside the box if the inside temp ever dip below -3F during the winter months.

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For my figs they are in this structure. I’m hoping I’m 2 years when persimmons mature not to have to cover them…