Protecting your fruit from squirrel's and other critters


IMHO ‘deterring’ a determined rodent is an exercise in futility, and I wouldn’t waste time or resources on such.
They continue to be a problem for you (and your neighbor if you are relying on those useless whirlygigs). Resources put towards elimination serve you and mankind better.


I hear that the Rugged Ranch Products SQRTO Squirrelinator Trap works well. I’ve seen video that suggest they do the trick.


But that doesn’t kill the squirrel. Having to figure out how to get rid of it is the hard part for me.


I for the most part don’t kill animals or critters… even after 20 years in the USMC. I must have grown soft. I let my wife do it. Hmmmmmm I hear squirrels are good to eat!


My hubby won’t even look at a dead animal. Let alone killing one. I have to dispose them. I don’t mind throwing already dead animal in the garbage but I don’t have the heart to kill it.


Wonder if you can take squirrels to the local park?


I hear they come back to you unless you take them miles and miles away.


I believe that comes with a large plastic drowning tray. I cover the trap with a table cloth the lower it into the water and walk away. It IS hard but it gets easier when you see your harvest disappear.
Last year I had over $1000 in repairs from damage done to my house by squirrels. Enough of these kinds of events forces you to do the hard things you’d rather not do.


I found out “just one bite” is the best solution to the squirrel problem in my orchard.


So I had one of these victor electronic traps at home and figured I’ll try it and see what happens. I left it outside w strawberries as bait and no body was tempted to go inside. Then I tried pieces of bagel. That got squirrels’ interest. They went in, got the bagels and went out. No harm. So I figured I’ll give it fresh batteries and try. Same thing. They went in, grabbed the bagels and left. No body seemed to get electricuted. Just wanted to post that I had no luck with it. On the other hand I found out squirrels can’t refuse bagels.


Squirrel is good eating. I learned how to hunt by following Dad around while squirrel and bunny hunting, then began hunting them on my own when I was 12 or 13. Squirrel quartered up, dusted with flour, dipped into egg wash, covered with crushed cornflakes and fried in a cast iron pan would be considered a delicacy in many areas (of rural America anyway)


I had their mouse trap, it did work on mice


What kind of bagel did you use?

People complained this trap and another one by Petzilla at 7000v for not killing the critters and let them back out after stunting them. I am looking at this one at the moment, similar design, a bit better rating but seems to be an indoor model.


I painted the BirdX sticky glue on the trunk and sprinkle chili pepper powder. I am a bit worried with using motor oil near food.


Regular plain bagel. They loved it!



Imagine what you could do with a NY City bagel.



Or the crust of a NYC pizza slice.



Now… that would be unfair … to the squirrel.



No kidding! I thought you use some sort of super seeds assortment bagel. I am going to give it a try.:slight_smile::+1:


So about this tube trap…is this big enough to kill a ground hog?
Just realized that I have a ground hog problem on top of my squirrel problem!
I have a feeling no fruit next yr either :smirk: