Protecting your fruit from squirrel's and other critters


I would say NO. my groundhogs are quite large. It won’t fit into a tube trap I have seen pictures people posted here.

To me, groundhogs are not as damaging as squirrels because they enjoy eating plants. I grow nasturtiums just for them. In my yard, they like nasturtiums, cone flowers, petunias and clovers. As long as I have plenty of these plants, they leave my fruit trees alone.

It is squirrels, raccoons and opossums that are more damaging than groundhogs.


I guess I’ll have to learn to live with them. I noticed they ate most all branches off my blue berry bushes. They must have sharp teeth because the blue berry bushes look like they were pruned with a tool.


Are you sure it’s groundhogs that did a number on your blueberry bushes? My groundhogs seem to like soft leaves, not blueberry branches.


I don’t know. Can’t think of any other animal. I’ve seen one ground hog and just assumed that’s it. No deer around.


While we are asleep, there are different creatures, from neighbors animals , to wild critters visiting our gardens. I am amazed to see rabbits out after 9pm. Only the he birds seem to turn in early.


Oh yeah, came home one night seeing rabbit munching grass on my lawn. Surprised me, too. Used to think they only fed during day time.

Groundhogs feed during day time, though,


Thank goodness! We don’t have groundhogs here nor chipmunks and they were the worst pests in Maine. In RI only squirrels are the problem. Tippy you saw what was left of my trees when you were here. They are ruthless and ripped amazing amounts of wire, hard plastic netting, and very tough expensive green netting from my trees this past summer. They are ninjas!!! And they are also bold and shameless! What is worse than a wild animal with no remorse?


Holy cow.


That’s the sort of thing I worry about here


I night hunt critters here in Florida a lot. I see 3-4-5 rabbits out at a time munching all night. I often wonder why the Bobcats -bears or other predators don’t get them? It seems strange but I’ve watched them for hours and hours and they never get eaten or bothered. Very Strange to me… :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


No kidding! First of all raccoons are not cute. They can get quite large, and are strong, with vicious teeth and nails. And that man was arrested?


Neighbors suck, that’s why I have none. That article is a good reminder for folks. Dealing with nuisance critters is oftentimes something that should be done quietly and not discussed in detail on the internet. It is also a reminder to read and know your state’s game and fish laws.


I can certainly sympathize with this guy…The question here is, what are the charges?? no mention of animal cruelty…still the fact that he was arrested is prettty ridiculous…

According to FWC (Florida Wildlife Conservation) ’

Any person owning property may take nuisance wildlife
causes (or is about to cause) property damage,
presents a threat to public safety, or
causes an annoyance within, under or upon a building

In this mans’ case the racoon clearly met two of those criteria…

Additionally, the regulations require humane euthanization, which according to the American Vet Medical Association Panel on Euthanasia does not include drowning. I guess he could be cited on those grounds. If I were him I’d just invest in a kill trap.


I shoot them. The folks up where I have my place in N. Florida eat them for holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. And yes they can get HUGE. And they tear up anything they can get a hold on… I know not everyone can just shoot them but they are considered a nuisance animal in Florida…


I got my WCS traps about a month ago (2) and wish I would have ordered 4. Anyone still thinking about getting these traps should do so, they are squirrel magnets. Will b ordering more for sure.


I bought one recently and caught a squirrel the first day. Since then, nothing. Over the weekend there were four squirrels running around the trap but not going in it. I’ve been using peanut butter but have been thinking about switching to some sort of nut.


Try bagels. They love bagels. You might want to leave the bait without setting the trap for few days. Get them comfortable in their new buffe table. And then BAM!


Will do!


Make sure to check the bar is not touching the trap when it is set. It won’t fire if the bar is touching. The traps have a major design flaw that the bars bend easily (they bend a bit each time the trap fires) and if you don’t bend it back the trap won’t fire any more. I spend a lot of time bending the bars on my traps.


Thanks Scott, I’ll check it out this weekend.