Protecting your fruit from squirrel's and other critters


How many folks on the list thin their squirrel population year round? I’ve seen an increase in their numbers and started baiting my traps again. The foxes are eating well. :slight_smile:


Here I find it necessary to remove squirrels year around. If you wait until you have little green peaches it’s too late


I love foxes, wish we had them again! Even the winter squirrels are too fast for coyotes!


Do you shoot or trap?


Fortunately here I am able to shoot squirrels. If I see one I just go get my little 22


You lucky guy. Can’t shoot here. But have a couple 12 gauge semi automatics ready to go. It is just killing me!


If you were allowed I bet you could really knock down some squirrels fast.


I used to thin all year but backed off several years ago. But there seem to be an awful lot around up to now this winter so its probably time for me to fire up my traps. Its a 2-for-1, I can also help the fox population get through the winter in good shape as well. One good thing about all the squirrels is we have a very large suburban fox population here.


Have you noticed them taking voles?


January and February is breeding season for squirrels or earlier in the warmest zones. Now is a good time discourage them from being in the orchard. It would be nice if there was cost effective birth control pill for them.


So, although the tube trap is effective - it doesn’t matter if you can’t set it, OR, release it. So I’ve resorted to the squirrelinator. It is a capture and dunk type that I got about a year ago, but never caught anything iin it. I have to do something because I’m seeing baby squirrels and nothing is preying on them, and the population is increasing.
I tried it again because it is working for some folks, so hey, gotta do something. Yesterday I caught 1. Today I caught 2 - at the same time! Not fun, but encouraged I can start reducing the population some.

Maybe this is just a good time of year to do this since there is not a lot of food around. Like others mentioned on this forum, seems it is best to keep this activity going. :persevere:
I have a large trap for raccoons which I probably should start using. Do they hibernate? Is this a good time to trap them?


Raccoons don’t really hibernate here. They may stay in their den for a few days if the weather is bad. I would say you could trap year around and catch them. A female caught this time of year greatly reduces the summer population


Thanks Jason, I need to first figure out how to attach the bait (small can of fish with holes punched in one side) to the outside of the trap so it is only accessible from the inside, and so I can remove the bait from the outside (w/o getting bit) so my drowning tub doesn’t smell like fish, and I can reuse it.
Whew, now that’s a run-on sentence.


This reminds me I should order my tube trap. I’m determined to taste a peach from my tree this year after so many years.
@JustAnne4 is the tube trap hard to set? I looked at few other alternatives and thought they were hard to set. But I thought tube trap looked to be easy to set.


It is a very powerful trap. I push the u shaped squirrel smasher over the top of the trap with both thumbs and manipulate the set mechanism with my fingers. Keep everything out of the path of the u bolt when moving your hands. This trap works. I will be ordering two more.


My brother uses empty sardine cans for bait. There might not be enough to harm your water that way


If you have strong hands, no. I think @ltilton mentioned that the tube trap people now have a jig to help set it that gives you more of a lever arm but I have not tried it. Maybe she has.


No, my tube trap was missing a part and I never replaced it


I use dog proof raccoon traps for the coons. They are fairly cheap and cats and dogs don’t get caught. They work very good with a little cat food and/or sunflower seeds. Last year with 2 traps I got 21 raccoons in 21 days. I never would have thought that many were around, but they were getting lots of my peaches.


Holy cow. They decimated my blackberries 2 years in a row and the game cam showed the 1st year there were one or 2. The next year 5-6. Sigh.
I don’t want to catch a cat. Can you post what kind of trap yours is.