Protecting your fruit from squirrel's and other critters


These are the ones I use. I have two cats as well and they don’t mess with them. It’s the raccoons curious nature and their “hand like” paws that work against them with this trap. They have to reach in and grab the trigger and pull up. Cats can’t do this. The only downside is they often tear up all the grass around the trap. Anything close enough that can be reached will also be tore up.
I hates raccoons!! :persevere: They destroy my bird feeders and eat all cat food left in the bowl. They can also be very bold. I’ve come out on the patio at 2am being woken up to the lid of a metal garbage can being ripped off. (Where I keep my sunflower seeds for the feeder) A raccoon sitting in the bag of sunflower seeds looking like he’s saying “don’t bother me, I’m eating”. I don’t like cleaning up the mess on the concrete at 2am from sending them to raccoon heaven, so I trap them a little ways from the porch.


Thanks for the info Jason. I watched the video and I maybe wrong but it looks like what I will have if I successfully catch a raccoon with this trap is a mad, and possibly hurt creature that is not dead. So, I’m not sure this is a fit for me as it appears to need 2 things I lack…hand strength and a gun.

Is there a type of bait raccoons like and cats don’t?

If not, I’ll just have to release the cats and maybe the experience will be so memorable they won’t enter the trap again (?)


When I catch one of my cats in the live trap I roll it around on the ground a few times before I release the cat. Harmless but the cat hates it , never caught one twice. You might try marshmallows or sweet corn cobs , probably less attractive to cats


For your squirrel needs. I have not used it but am tempted.


Whatever you do, be careful when your kids come home with a squirrel found “dead” laying in the road. Stuff like this happens and makes it pretty much impossible to go after them for stealing your fruit. I don’t lose any fruit to squirrels for some reason. They just don’t mess with my apples.

5 months after setting the darn thing free he’s still coming back to hang out with my family almost every day. Here’s the little bugger this morning.


Marshmallows and sunflower seeds don’t attract cats, but do attract raccoons and opossums.

As a climber, I’ve come across more than a few baby squirrels. Usually set aside in a nest, the mother will hear them, and come get them after the tree is removed. However, I have raised a few squirrels with a pipet to feed them and a Q-tip to encourage them to urinate. (Mothers squirrels lick their babies to encourage this). My girls loved to raise and feed the few cute baby squirrels I brought home. After they got full size they would never stick around very long.


hadn’t seen the squirrelinator before. I may have to give it a shot. for some reason they’ve been avoiding my tube trap.


How is this different from a giant Havaheart trap?


the squirrelinator does not snap shut it is a revolving door of some sort, only one way in no way out.


It is very similar in concept - catch and drown.
The squirrelinator has nothing to ‘set’, i.e. no trigger mechanism or sensitivity to be concerned with, and it comes with a drowning tub. You place the bait such that they have to go in one of the trap doors to get it. They push the door open and then it closes behind them. I put some bait around the trap and then some near the doors and some in the center and corners. I used peanuts in the shell which I crushed some before spreading.
The havaheart has a trigger to set and you have to make a drowning tub.
Of course, you can dispose of the rodent another way, but I cover the trapped animal with a old shower curtain and set it in the drink.


Obviously you don’t put the whole honking trap in the drink


Yep you do.


Yes you do!


Splash 5 in the squirrelinator since I set it up 7 days ago…and I didn’t set it for 2 of those days because of rain.




I haven’t received my Tube trap yet. Just wondering if it’s ok to nail it to a fence post permanently.? Or do you need to be able to slant it to get the dead animal out?


I had mounted mine to a board but then gave it to my son when it was too hard for me to set and release. He hung the board veritcally on a fence post and it was easy (for him) to release the (dead) squirrels and reset the trap in place.


My tube trap arrived today. That thing is larger than I expected. Large enough to catch a cat. I read somewhere that there’s another piece to it to make the opening smaller. I might have to get that too. I’m worried about catching neighbor’s cat. Also worried about my kids getting curious and touching it. For now I placed it inside the veggie garden (fenced in) no kids or cats can get in. Just squirrels. But not that much squirrel traffic I think. I didn’t set it. Just left it there with few pieces of bread. Hoping whoever visit the veggie patch will get comfortable with it for now. I doubt I’ll catch anything in the fenced in area. Just trying to figure out how to go about doing this… now I’m thinking I’m less comfortable with this whole squirrel termination thing than I thought. But I do want fruit too :smirk:
I’m just thinking out loud :slightly_smiling_face: I guess


Just removed the 7th squirrel today. When I saw it in the front yard I set the trap in the backyard and put some peanut butter on a board on the top, then peanuts in the shell inside. They can smell peanut butter afar off. Within 3 hours he was in the trap. I think I’m lucky now because there is not much for them to eat. But when the sweet ripe fruit arrives, they may not care about peanuts and will be harder to catch.


Could you please send a link to purchase Squirrelinator. I found one of that name on Amazon but no mention of a drowning tank. Thanks.