Pruden's Purple Tomato - anyone know it?

This is just now available in our market. Looks to be similar to Brandywine, they say. I bought one start and will give it a try.


I have grown it in the past… very similar to brandywine, Cherokee purple and the likes.

Very good tomato but like most heirlooms… not a top producer and not super disease resistent.


Disease issues can matter, although I’m sure it varies from year to year. And things are sure to be different in our arid climate -I hope!.

My main tomatoes will be Oregon Spring and open pollinated Early Cascade.

I am growing more big beef this year…

But made room for a super sweet 100 and a red grape tomato. My wife likes cherries and grapes in salads … me to.

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Consider “Black from Tula”.

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“Black from Tula”

That’s a beautiful tomato! 80+ days is a stretch for us though. We might get anywhere from 90 to 120 days frost free, or not, but too many of those days will likely be too cool to count.

We often get a nasty freeze the last week of August or thereabouts; if we can get through that we might go four or five more weeks of mild weather.

Yeah, for sure. I mean to put in one of those.

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I grew it last year and am growing it again this year. It’s a keeper for me. I mainly chose it because it is one of the few heirloom slicing tomatoes that has good resistance against the more recent strains of late blight. I’ve had late blight in the past and realized I need a fail-safe tomato in case it comes around again. It’s a large sized red tomato (not sure why it has purple in the name). My biggest last year was 2.4lbs (photos below), though most were 1-1.5lbs. They didn’t split much for a large tomato, which is nice. I also grew Mr. Stripey for the same reason, but it was much more bland (yellow tomato to be fair) and split more often.



Big Beef is difficult to beat. Some may try.

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For summer I love big tomatoes. This one looks great!

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