Prune off a failed T-bud, or hope it heals?

One of my T-buds failed last summer on the largest avocado tree in my greenhouse. It looks like it may be starting to rot, and I’m not sure if I should just remove the whole branch below this point. What do most people do if this happens? I should add that the branch above this point is covered in flowers and I don’t really want to remove it unless it’s a risk to the tree otherwise.

Last year was my first time attempting T-budding avocados and my success rate was a lot lower than with cleft grafts or bark grafts. At least when those fail, you don’t need to make a decision about pruning anything other than the dead wood. I think there’s no real reason to use anything other than cleft grafts for avocados, or bark grafts if it’s on larger stock.

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They’ve always healed over for me. I’d remove the parafilm and clean it up as much as possible without causing more damage. It should heal over within a year or two.