Prune Prelude Raspberry?

I am new to raspberry growing. One of my plants is Prelude. The canes are starting to get taller than I want. Is it okay to prune this time of year or will there be negative consequences?

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I don’t have Prelude myself… but found this about them online…

Prelude raspberry

Raspberry Plants. Extend the raspberry harvest season with Prelude, a very early-ripening, summer-bearing red raspberry. … Typically bears most of its berries in mid-June, followed by a smaller fall-season harvest.

Most of my Heritage Reds and Fall Golds (this years primocanes) reached 5 ft or so a month or more ago here… and I tipped them once they got that tall. They then start to branch out, sending out laterals which give you more area at the top for fall crop.

One of my Fall Golds actually started ripening fruit about a week ago (earlier than all the others)… Many of my Heritage Reds and Fall Golds now have blooms starting to develop… so they will all be fall cropping soon. Love it.

Yours seem to be showing no sign of developing blooms yet, so I think it would be fine to prune some of the tip off… a few weeks later it will develop laterals and they will eventually boom and fruit.

Good Luck, hope you get lots of nice fall berries.


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Your prelude look very similar to my heritage reds… that pic above is one of my reds that grew taller than my top trellis wire (48") a month or so ago. I tipped it then… and now it has 4 branches at the top… which will bloom and fall crop soon.

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Thanks. It’s pruned. Let’s see what happens!