Pruning a new Cherry tree, dug and sold in a pot?

I started a new thread regarding my 3 new North Star cherry trees. Two of the trees have about 12 small branches at nice angles. One has about 6 larger branches. In the photo, I show both examples.

They were sold in biodegradable bags and stuck in pots. I suspect they were dug trees and bagged not long ago. By this I think the roots were cropped. I made a small slit in the bag and “bark like mulch” came out with no visible roots. I do see a few small roots at the bottom of the bags.

When I planted my peach trees, I planted and pruned them. But they were in pots and roots wrapped around the pot. The North Star trees are dwarf but I do want to shape them.

If a tree has cut roots, should you prune heavy at planting? The one on the left is way too crowded and needs thinning and branches pulled down. Maybe central leader?

The one on the right needs some thinning and branches pulled down. Maybe Open center?

Hi Paddy,
I would not prune them now, main idea is to get them out of the bag and planted in the ground where they have good sun exposure. I would start training them to the shape first before any pruning, pulling each branch in the direction you want growth and spacing them for the best sunlight exposure. The roots will catch up with plant growth, I would mulch the trees about 3-6” of woodchips or leaf mulch out to what you estimate will be the drip line, allowing no other vegetation inside the drip line. The mulch will aid in a quick recovery of the roots system by keeping moisture in the top 6” of soil where the trees feeder roots flourish. A few handful of 3-15 around the drip line each spring will help as well.
Good luck, they look like healthy specimens
Kent, Wa