Pruning a pomagranate bush into a tree

Seeking the help of an expert on pomegranate. Several years ago, I saw a wonderful photo of pomagranate trees in CA with a single trunk.
I planted this Parfienka about two or three years ago and it’s turning into a bush with lots of suckers. Any suggestions on how to turn it into a tree is appreciated. It’s about to go dormant.
Thanks in advance.


I have a Pomagranate tree/bush about the same age with similar suckers. I’m probably going to let my tree keep a few suckers and trim the side limbs off up to about 4’. If you want a single trunk just cut out all but one. Pomegranate tend to sucker so your going to have to remove suckers as they emerge.

Thank You for your reply.


I would pick biggest/nice trunk and cut the rest.


If anyone would be interested in sending me some pomegranate suckers with enough root to have a good shot at survival, I’d certainly appreciate it. Please PM me if interested.


The common spelling is “Parfianka”. Has your bush bloomed yet, and if so, what kind of blossoms did it have (single(like a bugle), or doubled (with ruffles))?

Had a couple of flowers this year. Did not produce yet. If I recall it was a single, but not sure at this time. I’d have to wait for next season to confirm.

Sas, I see you live on a golf course! Me too.

The recipe is simple: cut, cut, cut, and then cut more. The plant will keep pushing suckers for many years, just keep pruning them off.

I just went thru trimming suckers, need to stay on top of them because if you forget they will overgrow around the tree.