Pruning for fruit bud formation

To All

I have been trying to prune to encourage fruit bud formation especially on my pears.

Being that mine are espaliers, I tried ro combine this effort with my summer pruning. I pruned ONE WEEK AGO on July 11 and the attached photos were taken today on July 18.

These show the reaction of different trees to my efforts

At least the trees seem healthy and spunky

To me the new growth looks vegatative. So my Q’s are:

  1. Is there a way to tell, at this early stage whether the growth is vegetative or fruit “bud-ive” (new word for the lexicon of fruit growing?)

  2. Can you tell from the photos if I pruned at the right spot. ?

I have many fruit spurs on the trees’scaffolds, but I would like to fill some areas that don"t.

As I said, I have have plenty of fruit spurs but am not sure that those developed because of or despite my efforts, :blush:

See examples below. Thanx


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I believe pear flowers on 2 yr old or older spurs.
The new growth as at the top of first photo looks vegetative .
You can see a flower bud on the tip of that older spur in lower part of first photo.
I would not expect those new shoots to form flower buds until around this time next year. 2022 blooming in 2023

I have some experience with summer pruning and think you will get a new round of vegetative growth this year. Keep pinching it back and you should get fruit buds. Whether they will fruit next year or later is unknown.