Pruning my big guava tree?


I bought a giant white indian guava tree on ebay last may or june I think. It has grown really well and it is in a decent sized pot. The plant is at least 6ft which is great but it looks spindly and I doubt it could hold giant fruits.

I was wondering if you guys think that it would be alright to cut the tree in half? So that it could branch out more and not be so spindly. I’m not sure if this will delay the fruiting process or not?

Thank you, guys for your help…

Sure, when you top it then the lateral branch out to make your tree much fuller.


Hi, Jesse. Welcome to the forum. I see that you are listed as being in Zone 6. Are you growing your guava in a greenhouse or indoors? What height would it normally reach if it were in the ground in its native habitat? I’m just curious because I, too, enjoy tropicals.

I’m interested in hearing people’s thoughts on guavas as well. I recently ordered two to keep indoors. I read that they top off at 12’ but can be kept smaller. I was planning on training them like narrow bushes and summering them outside.

What in particular do you want to know about guavas?

most tropical guavas are fine with severe pruning, even though many cultivars may reach 20+ feet tall in the tropics.
the only conditions tropical guavas are not ok with are sun-deprivation and cold weather.
low humidity combined with extremely high temps may also be harmful, but this only applies to desert conditions(where am at :sob: ) Being lanky with large foliage and long internodes are signs of light deprivation. Guava trunks and lignified branches should have some heft and stiffness.
last but not least, aborted flowers(or no flowers) for specimens more than two years old, are also signs of deprivation

there are subtropical ‘false’ guavas like feijoas or accas(glossy-leaf guavas) which may be ok with less sun and may tolerate borderline or even sub-freezing winters, but these are not considered as good-eating as the primarily tropical psidiums(matte and veiny-leaf guavas).


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