Pruning persimmons and figs

Where would you recommend cuts to these if they were yours?

figs 1 and 2
dig 3
saijo X2
hachiya and
jt 02

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Leave the figs alone.

Do you have suburban deer browsing through your yard?

Negative. Deerless.

I would probably try to tie your Jt02 persimmon central leader to a more vertical direction using a cane to tie to. The other persimmons seem ok for another season until you feel they are perhaps getting to your maximum desired height.
For figs I use the following video to promote my Breba figs here near Seattle where the main crop never ripens, so I desire to maximize the Breba crop. Depending on your location you may desire to do the same.
It looks like you have ample space to allow your figs to spread to a great extent, so by pruning them to obtain more low level forks for the next several years can promote a fairLy low growing tree making each limb within reach without having to use a ladder. A big advantage!

Pruning video for Breba crop in cool climates:

This video features the Dessert King variety which he says does best in cool climates.

How to force early fig ripening:

Kent, wa

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