Prunus mume compatible rootstock

I would like to graft Prunus mume onto something, but don’t know which will be compatible, apricot, plum, peach, or any common rootstocks, please help name few that might work.

Looks like it’s actually closer to an apricot than to a plum- try these guys for more information:

I think this is a pretty informative page- hope it helps.

Mark, thanks for the link.I am a mume blossoms enthusiam, wanted to have few different color mume in pot

I grafted a couple of scionwood of Prunus mume on Tri-Lite Peach-Plum Interspecific Peach tree last year. It looks like the Mume is going to blossom soon.

    IL847, I get my7 Mume scion wood from one local friend.  Is there any place from which I can buy different color mume?

Jim,thanks, good to know. out of the desperate, I will try peach

Try forestfarm. they have a few varieties

Thanks. We can also exchange mume scion next year.

Sounds good