Pseudo Musa SH-3640 banana


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Here’s what turns out to be a fake SH-3640 banana plant I obtained last year. It is moving right along!


Emerging fruit bud … harvest will likely occur next summer :slight_smile:

3640 bud emerging 2017-11-02



SH-3640 bud 2017-11-09


progress …


The pseudo-stem height at budding is about 4’ 10".

SH-3640 pstem height 2017-11-14

SH-3640 2017-11-14


Richard, let me first say I’m asking this question with zero experience related to growing bananas and a history of only doing my orcharding in the frigid Boston area, but why do you leave all the suckers (pups, I think they’re called) coming up around the momma banana plant?


I pull them out when they’re about knee-high – or prior if they are becoming invasive. One of them will remain though for the follow-on crop but I’ve yet to decide which.


Huh, 4’10" is kind of short, isn’t it?


Yes, although not unheard of for a first time transplant.



Infant fruit. The fresh female flowers are completely beige.



Male flowers.


New bud emerging!


Female flowers emerging …


How many banana trees do you have room for in your beds, Richard?


I have four different hybrids growing in a total of two planter beds. :slightly_smiling_face: